About Mike and Mindy

Team Pockoski: Collegiate Champions, Olympic Trials Competitors, and Highland Games record holders and Champions

Mindy started throwing the shot put and discus in high school back in 1991.  She continued through college, achieving 4 All American honors and winning the Collegiate National Championship in 2000.  After college, she continued chasing the Olympic dream, training and working as a chemistry and math teacher.

Mike also started throwing with the track events back in 1991.  Through college, he focused on the discus and hammer throw, winning 7 All American titles and racking up multiple seasons with leading national distances.  After college, he continued training the hammer throw and worked as a consulting geotechnical engineer.

We each crossed paths with John Powell in the summer of 2003, and through some good luck and some matchmaking from John, became instant friends and training partners.  We both immediately relocated to Vegas to train as committed athletes.  We discuss John’s influence in more detail in the book, but his teachings and the doors he opened for us are the foundation for training, throwing, and entire lifestyle we have today.  John and his elite connections opened our eyes to a whole world of athletics that we never knew existed – these are what we want to share with you with this DVD and book project.

With John’s coaching, and the tutelage of some great mentors like Dan John, Youri Sedych, and Charles Staley, we each competed in the 2004 Olympic trial.  Mindy competed in the shot and disc, Mike competed in the Hammer.

After starting highland games in 2005, Mindy quickly climbed to the top of the rankings winning the national championship 2 times, and the World Championship once.  She broke 3 world records and left the sport a champion in 2010 to raise our family.

Mike competed several years as an amateur, turning pro in 2007 and climbing his way to into the top spots of the ranking boards.  As a pro, he maintained podium finishes at the national and world championships each year he was invited.  His highest finish was in 2012, where he missed the World Championship Title by a single point.  Mike took the 2013 season off from competing to spend more time with family.

Mindy’s PRs
LW – 88′ 7.5″ (WR)
HW – 48′ 2.5″ (WR)
LH – 108′ 1″
HH – 87′ 2″
ST – 60′ 8″
Breamar 33′ 8″
Sheaf – 24
WOB – 19’1″ (WR)

Mike’s PRs
LW – 85′  6″
HW – 46′ 7.75″
LH – 148′ 10″
HH – 123′ 10″
ST – 55′ 5″
Breamar 41′ 11.75
Sheaf – 33’3″
WOB – 17′ (stand)