Companion Book

As we started to assemble the DVD, we soon realized two things.  First, we were running out space on the DVD and we still had 40 pages of notes left to fit somewhere.  And second, that some of the really important concepts upon which we based our training, our practices, and our whole lifestyle we’re better explained in text than video.  So out of that grew the companion book.

This companion book has a value that’s quite different than the DVD.  Sure, the DVD will show you how to twist your feet, when to drive, and how to block hard for a more powerful finish.  But the book can give you direction if you’re lost in your training.  It will can settle your weight room insecurities (I need to be stronger!).  It can help you with competition anxiety (I just get nervous…). It will make your practices more productive, it will help you make technical changes in technique more effective, and it will even give you guidance on what to eat, what to lift, and how to rest!

Maybe it sounds too good to be true (It slices!  It dices!) – but these were the problems that we struggled with in our throwing careers and we’ve provided the solutions we used or the concepts we held to in order to turn our weaknesses into our strengths.

Here’s a couple PDF files with a few book pages.