As a student of technique, you should build your library of experiences, books, and videos.
Here are some that we think are the most worthy…

The lessons we learned from John Powell sculpted our throwing careers.  I don’t believe there has been a better technician in throwing, and the basic principles he taught us were the foundation for our success.  He shared his wisdom and he taught us to question convention with contrarian thinking.  We highly recommend you attend one of John’s throwing camps, and if you don’t already have his videos, get them!  These are a staple in the library of any thrower.  Although they are focused on discus technique, the content has 100% carry-over into the highland games.  Be sure to check them out.

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Dan John was one of the most influential people in our athletic and personal life.  He gave us direction, helped see through the fog of training, and find our way as athletes.  I believe his coaching is some of the most practical, no-bullshit advice you can find.  It’s simple and tested, based on his life as an olympic lifter, thrower, and coach.  You’d be a fool not to visit his site and read every word.



Sorinex isn’t only the source for the highest quality functional training equipment available, it’s also a mecca of strength athletics with it’s finger on the pulse of the strength game.  If you don’t know Sorinex, you don’t know our sport.

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We had the great fortune to train with Charles Staley during our Olympic Trials training, and his methods and concepts changed how we viewed our athleticism, how we competed, and how we approached our training in general.  He’s known as an innovator, a rule breaker, and a master of developing a “whole” athlete through targeted improvements in critical weak areas.  If you’re serious about improvement, get over to see Charles.



I’m a big fan of Matt Vincent and his training manuals.  If you’re really looking to be a better thrower and athlete, you need to build your library and get exposed to as much knowledge as you can.  Be sure you check out the World Champ’s stuff and expand your training and throwing brain.

matt site


Dan McKim is becoming a legend of our sport, with multiple national titles and 2 World Championship wins.  He’s got some great content at his site, and you can buy one of the great BELIEVE shirts that he competes in to proclaim his love for Jesus.  Get over to his site and check him out!



Throwing beats the crap out of you.  We discuss in the book how you need to put as much effort into recovery as you do into training.  We got a lot of use out of Kelly Starrett’s stuff at mobility wod. Get some tools and get to work on youself – that damage you’re doing with all those reps and sets isn’t going to get any better until you make it better.

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