Training Camp

Need some hands-on training?  Miss the first training camp?

…Here’s a second chance, in Baltimore, MD.

Contrarian Approach Training Camp – Friday, October 10th to Sunday, October 12th

We’ve been getting more and more requests for more training opportunities since we launched the DVD and book.  We’re planning a second camp in Baltimore.  The exact location hasn’t been selected yet, but the area will be easily accessible from I-95 and BWI, and near plenty of hotels, shops, and restaurants.

The camp will be like no other experience offered in the highland games community.  It’ll be intense, focused, and will follow a start to finish training course designed to teach the principles discussed in the Contrarian Approach DVD and book.

This won’t be like any other highland games clinic or instruction you’ve been too…  Our goal isn’t to watch you throw for a couple hours, give you a couple general pointers and an ‘atta-boy’.  Our goal is to present a method, drill it into you in multiple ways, and help you carry those concepts into your technique for all the events.

We’ve run dozens of camps all over the US and have refined our coaching to a learn by doing style.  There’s no better way to learn a new concept than to just do it!  And we’ve got decades of drills to help you feel and experience the concepts and ideas.  We’ll run a rapid-fire, multiple station style training camp using implements and drills that you aren’t used to using to trick your body into learning something new.


A minimum of three training sessions will be held each day, each lasting 90 to 120 minutes.  Sessions will include whole group exercises, small group training stations, and individual focus.  Yep – 14 to 18 hours of training over 3 days.  Come ready to work, ’cause you’ll get more reps and more technique work in this weekend than you’ve probably done all season!

Thursday – footwork drills, balance, and smoothness.  We’ll break down your concept of the throw and will show you the path to an efficient, smooth technique.  Turn and burn, baby – Thursday is a high-rep, high-volume training day!!  You’ll lay the foundation for your throw that the turning events will build upon.  You’ll also focus on the beginning concepts for hammer, caber, and standing wob today.

Friday – rhythm and timing day.  You’ll go through a progressing series of rhythm and line drills, designed to build on the previous day’s concepts and help transfer them into your throw.  This is where you’ll learn patience, timing, when to drive, settle, stretch, and block that are the key to the stones, weights, spinning wob, and even sheaf.

Saturday – crossover day.  You’ll focus on applying the basic concepts and principles to each different event.  You’ll continue to refine the previous days’ technique and transfer the concepts into all of the events.

Where is it?

The camp will be held in Baltimore, MD at an area park.  Exact locations are being considered, but the facility will be close to I-95 and BWI and will have easy access to hotels, shops, and restaurants.

How much?

The cost for the camp will be $275, payable through Paypal at the link below.  Note that a minimum number of athletes is required to host the camp.  If the minimum amount has not sighed up by August 22nd, the camp will be cancelled and the camp fee will be refunded to you.  Please contact us with any questions.