What folks are saying…

Here’s some feedback from some folks we really respect.

From Dan McKim

“It goes without saying that Mike and Mindy know their stuff.  They have trained with the best in the world, and became the best in the world in the highland games. The video alone is worth your money, as it goes through every event, step by step with some amazing tips and drills for throwers, especially those just starting out.  

They’re great throwers, great people and great coaches.  Awesome stuff, guys.  Well done.”  

Dan has been on fire this year winning “both” World Championships, the National Championship.  He also set some new American records and has been continuing his dominance in our sport!  Thanks for the kind words, Dan!

From Bert Sorin

Bert is Vice President and Co-Founder of Sorinex Exercise Equipment.  Bert is a former wire hammer thrower, Olympic Trials competitor, and ex-highland games professional.

“[Mike and Mindy] are both fierce competitors and life champions. Much to learn here. Two thumbs up.”  

“Cannot overemphasize how good this is. Actually great regardless of sport. Concepts of the complete package are spot on.”

From Craig Smith

Craig has been at the top of the professional highland games circuit for nearly a decade and has earned the respect of his peers for his work ethic and achievements.  He’s also known for calling “bullshit” when he sees it, so we asked him to review the project and shoot us straight.  Here’s what he’s said about it…

“For the record, this is the best training tool that I’ve seen.  
The DVD is fantastic, and the book compliments it perfectly.  
It’s not just a do, but a why.
If I had these tools when I was still practicing, I guarantee that I would throw/have thrown farther.  

Yes, it’s worth it and yes, you should buy it.”

From Matt Vincent

Coming off a World Championship victory last year, Matt has been battling Dan all year for the top spot with some really tremendous throwing.  Be sure to check out Matt’s manuals and add to your library if you haven’t already.

“For those of you that have read my stuff this is a completely different and 100% valid tool for any thrower.  It will give the background by two of the best technicians and throwers that the games have had.  

Enjoy and I recommend to everyone again.  Congrats Mike and Mindy.”

From Ryan Stewart

Ryan is a personal trainer, an accomplished pro highland gamer, and former powerlifter and strongman competitor.  Like Craig, he’s also know for his no-nonsense attitude.

“If you throw in the Highland Games and you don’t buy this there is something wrong with you. Mindy Pockoski and Mike Pockoski are Two of the best throwers our sport has ever seen. Buy this and get better.”